The popularization of automatic screw locking robot in electronic and electrical industry

In recent years, due to the rising labor cost, the labor intensity of some posts is relatively high, and the bad working environment (high temperature, high risk) also makes the labor loss serious. The demand for flexibility in the manufacturing process of some products is higher and higher. It is too difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises to have customized automatic robots. It is no surprise that robots are applied in large enterprises. They have enough capital In recent years, there have been reports of layoffs in large enterprises such as Haier and Midea. How can a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises realize the dream of robot replacement? The labor force in the electronic and electrical industry needs to concentrate on the assembly link, and repeat the operation with high frequency. The galloping automatic screw locking robot can complete the processes of semi-finished products such as snatch, transportation and automatic screw tightening, and can complete the whole production process with high precision and high frequency repetition.
The automatic screw locking robot is often referred to as the automatic screw tightening equipment or automatic screw loading equipment, so it is named Siyi. Through the intelligent control system, it can realize the functions of automatic screw feeding, automatic screw tightening, automatic detection and counting, so as to effectively and accurately complete the work of each link of screw locking. At present, many home appliance enterprises have begun to use automatic screw locking robots on a large scale. Many potential customers of Chi speed automation have such a requirement before purchasing the equipment: they want to go to other customer workshops to see the production status of "robots". However, if you really enter their factories, you may not recognize them even if you face-to-face with the robots, because of their "long-term" "Xiang" may be totally different from your imagination. For example, the air conditioner remote control automatic locking screw machine is more so, most people think that the robot should look more like a human. In industrial production, the equipment that can purchase and replace labor to carry out complex, efficient and intelligent production is called robot. People who know something about it usually call it automatic screw locking machine or automatic screw tightening machine. After all, it is more like equipment, and its appearance is just like the introduction of screw locking machine products. Of course, we also provide some video demonstrations of "automatic screw locking" of different manufacturers and models There will be different shapes for robots.
From the simple manipulator to complete the simple process, most factories can guarantee that the operating cost is lower than the workers. Another important reason for the introduction of automation equipment is to ensure the standardization and accuracy of production. These robots can completely ensure that they can complete repeated actions in accordance with the unified standard for a long time, which is the biggest advantage of robots compared with human beings. It is inevitable that a large number of robots will occupy human posts in a short period of time.